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Here’s a Christmas wish-list of our 2020 BLOOM kids. We’ll keep updating this list as they get submitted.

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Bloomers' IDNameGenderAgeDate Of BirthChristmas Wishlist 1Christmas Wishlist 2Christmas Wishlist 3Leave BlankNotes
001OluwasegunMale12 18-Mar-2008SmartphoneShirt and TrousersShoesOluwasegun is an orphan, he lost both parents at a tender age. So he is staying with an aunt.
002AgathaFemale7 4-Nov-2013ClothesBicycleShoesAgatha and her siblings live in abject poverty, they basically feed from hand to mouth. They use to live in the slums but they recently got accommodation with the help of some good Samaritans. She and her siblings stay with their single mother and grandmother.
003SamuelMale7 14-Feb-2013PlayStationSchool BagSocks and SingletSamuel and his siblings live in abject poverty, They feed from hand to mouth and recently just got an accommodation with the help of a group of good Samaritans. He stays with his grandmother who is aged and single mother who is finding it hard to feed him and his siblings.
004RaphaelMale9 7-Dec-2011BicycleStory books and writing materialsCloths and shoesSibling of Above Boomer.
005BlessingFemale132-Oct-2007DressesStory books and writing materialsLaptop or tabletBlessing just got the opportunity to go to school this year after a long time with the help of a good Samaritan. Her mother is a single mother who struggles to feed her and her siblings with the menial job she's doing. She's really looking forward to a good time this Christmas because she has never experienced one.
006Favour Female828-May-2012A Barbie dressA pair of ShoeA novel Favour lost her mom around 3 years ago. It’s just been her unemployed dad and her 3 siblings. Their condition got worse recently and they had to withdraw her from school. I’ll really love for BLOOM Santa to reach out to her as she is a very good and respectful kid and deserves the best Christmas ever despite her situation.
007GreatMale1015-April-2010Shirt (size 20) and Trouser Jean (28)Shoe (44)BicycleGreat and his family are disadvantaged and has been badly hit by the recent economic situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic
008JoyFemale818-July-2012Clothes and Shoes (32)BicycleFood ProvisionsJoy and her family are disadvantaged. A gift from Santa would make her happy.
009TayeMale1021-May-2010Food itemsHe lost his father and as a result things became difficult for him and his family.
010HappinessMale65-May-2014BicycleSchool bagChristmas shoeHe's Student of a school for children from economically disadvantaged background.
011VictorMale123-Mar-2008LaptopSchool bagTextbooksSame as Above
012ElizabethFemale108-Oct-2010School bagChristmas shoeToysSame as Above
013AnthonyMale814-Dec-2012Christmas shoeBicycleSchool bagSame as Above
014WilliamsMale106-Feb-2010School bagChristmas shoeBicycleSame as Above
015TodidoMale1323-Dec-2007School bagChristmas shoeBicycleSame as Above
016MedianFemale101-Nov-2010School bagChristmas shoeIronSame as Above
017RuthFemale1328-May-2007Christmas shoeSchool bagIronSame as Above
018SegunMale1317-July-2007LaptopBicycleSchool bagSame as Above
019JoshuaMale918-Mar-2011BicycleChristmas shoeSchool bagSame as Above
020BernardMale92-Dec-2011Christmas shoeSchool uniformSchool bagSame as Above
021AngelaFemale1010-Aug-2010Christmas dressBicycleChristmas shoeSame as Above
022JosianFemale810-July-2012School bagChristmas shoeLaptopSame as Above
023DominicMale66-Feb-2014School bagChristmas shoeChristmas ClothesSame as Above
024DanielMale122-Mar-2008BicycleChristmas shoeSchool bagSame as Above
025TaiwoMale1027-Oct-2010School bagLaptop IpadSame as Above
026FiyinfoluwaFemale1027-Oct-2010IpadGeneratorLaptop Same as Above
027GraceFemale925-Jan-2011Bicycle School bagChristmas clothes Same as Above
028TaiwoFemale75-Apr-2013Christmas clothes Laptop School bagSame as Above
029PrudenceFemale83-May-2012Bicycle School bagLaptop Same as Above
030SaheedMale1029-Sep-2010School SuppliesShoesClothes - AnkaraSaheed is a slum2school beneficiary that lives in the Makoko rural community.
031ChalotMale720-May-2013School SuppliesClothingProvisionsAs a slum2school beneficiary, Chalot lives in an underserved Makoko community.
032InnocentMale625-Jan-2014School SuppliesClothingTowel and BeddingInnocent lives in Makoko underserved community.
033NoahMale1215-Dec-2008`School SuppliesTowel and BeddingsProvisionsNoah lives in Makoko underserved community.
034GilbetretteFemale714-Oct-2013School SuppliesGifts of ShoesClothingShe is underprivileged, living a rural area.
035ObadiaMale1323-Oct-2007Towel and BeddingsSchool SuppliesProvisionsObadia is a slum2school beneficiary that lives in Makoko underserved rural community.
036NicholasMale118-Aug-2009School SuppliesClothingTowel and BeddingNicholas is an exceptional child staying in Makoko underserved community.
037BarakatFemale89-March-2012School SuppliesProvisionsGifts of ShoesBarakat lives in an underserved community with her parents who are usually unable to afford Christmas for her due other responsibilities.
038MaryFemale71-Mar-2013School SuppliesClothingProvisionsMary is a slum2school beneficiary that lives in Makoko underserved rural community.
039Benjamin Male728-May-2013ClothingSchool SuppliesGifts of ShoesBenjamin lives in underserved rural community - Makoko, Lagos.
040JuwonMale721-Jun-2013Gifts of ShoesProvisionsSchool SuppliesJuwon lives in an underserved community - Makoko.
041IyanuoluwaFemale721-Mar-2013Towel and BeddingSchool SuppliesProvisions Iyanuoluwa lives in Makoko underserved rural community. She is an exceptional child.
042IsraelMale719-Apr-2013School SuppliesTowel and BeddingProvisionsIsrael lives in Makoko underserved community.
043PatrickMale717-May-2013School SuppliesProvisionsTowel and BeddingsPatrick is among slum2school beneficiaries from the underserved Makoko rural community.
044BilikisuFemale1011-May-2010Pressing IronSneakers (size 33)School BagBilikisu was one of the children we rescued from the street, living off scraps in dumpsites and dustbins. Aside the institutional support she receives at the Destiny Trust, she might not be having a perfect Christmas.
045FavourFemale105-Mar-2010Sneakers (size 39)JoggersTravelling bagFavour's mother came to Lagos in search of work and subsequently deserted by her father after repeated incidents of domestic abuse. Favour and her mother lived at a slum in Lekki where they struggled to survive. Their home was destroyed when the government razed down shanties to pave way for housing projects on the island. The family is currently homeless and Favour has been taken into the Destiny Trust home.
046TosinFemale1228-Oct-2008White sneakers (Size 39)Travelling bag (Big size)Monopoly gameOluwatosin was born at Bar Beach Lagos. Her father was a menial worker at the dockyard before suffering an accident that left his hands burnt and the fingers clawed. He could no longer get any job and began to work as a diver at the Bar Beach, helping to rescue people drowning at the beach. In 2013, Bar Beach was reclaimed for the Eko Atlantic City Project and all beachfront dwellers were evicted. Since then, Tosin’s father was left with 4 children and no longer had the shanty where he lived with the children at the waterfront. The family also no longer had a means of livelihood. The mother has left the family ever since too.
047ChinazaFemale1228-Mar-2008Black Canvas (size 40)Joggers (Black)Outing bagChinaza is an orphan, no one deserves it more at a time children love to enjoy the love and warmth of parents at Christmas
048BlessingFemale1111-Sep-2009White Sneaker (small size 39)School shoes (black - 39)New Christmas clothesBlessing was sent to the Destiny Trust home because she was assaulted by the woman she was staying with. Her only present parent, the father, is mentally challenged.
049IbrahimMale1226-Jun-2008Black Sneakers (small size 36)Black joggersA scholarship to a football academyIbrahim used to stay on the street before encountering the Destiny Trust. He is a very intelligent, self-motivated kid that a Christmas present would bring huge comfort to.
050AdioMale1027-May-2010Computer gameTravelling bagJoggers (black)Adio is a special kid abandoned by parents, he lived with his grandmother who is now late. There hasn't been a traceable contact with immediate family except a distant Aunt. Christmas is a good way to remind him he isn't alone.
051MustaphaMale1127-May-2009White Sneakers (size 33)Football training kitsTravelling bagMustapha came to the Destiny Trust after surviving an illness scare that left him unconscious for days. His father is late and the mother is a food hawker who lives in the slums. With no obvious link for a beautiful Christmas celebration, BLOOM Santa's visit would come handy.
052DavidMale1229-12-2008Travelling bag [big size]White Sneakers [small size 40]Children BibleDavid's mother is late and he was fostered by a family who wanted to burn him alive. Christmas would be a good reminder to him about what kindness feels like
053Daniella Female613-Sep-2014Learning toysDress& shoeWristwatchCan't afford to buy her what she wants for Christmas.
054EwaoluwaFemale826-Jan-2012ShoeiPadDress/WristwatchCan't afford to buy her what she wants for Christmas.
055AngelFemale713-Jan-2013A Christmas surprise.They have been homeless and living with whoever can accommodate them. A good Samaritan took them in and is paying their school fees as their single mother couldn't afford it and the children were helping to hawk her wares. Please put a smile on their faces this Christmas.
056OlamideFemale109-Oct-2010A nice Christmas present.Same as Above.
057ChiomaFemale1231-Jul-2008GownConverse (size 39/40)BicycleTheir dad is an elderly driver and is trying to get by with 6 children and it will be amazing to put smiles on their faces. Just asking them about what they wanted for Christmas brought smiles to their faces.
058ChidinmaFemale701-Mar-2013GownShoe (29/39)BicycleSame as Above.
059ShedrachMale1030-Dec-20102 shirtsBicycleSame as Above.
060MiracleFemale1311-Feb-2007BicycleA dressShoes (38 - 39)Miracle and her family are disadvantaged. It has been a tough year for the family.
061PreciousFemale1016-Nov-2010Shoe (Size 38)Dress ( Length 35, Width 25)Bicycle"Precious and her family are disadvantaged. 2020 has been a tough year and she would be grateful to receive a gift from Santa."
062IsiakaMale1021-Nov-2010School bagSandalsIsiaka is a lovely boy, he's always smiling but taking a closer look at him is another story entirely. His school uniform, bag and sandals are old and tattered. After having conversations with his mother, she made me realize that she alone has to cater to his need and that of his siblings with her local gin business. His outlook in school has made him a victim of bullying, and even still, he smiles.
063SodiqMale1029-Apr-2010Food itemsClothesSponsorship, booksSodiq is the second of five children. His dad has been currently out of work for several months. The wife is mute but she is the bread winner of the family were she is involved in the selling of already used clothes. Sodiq does not have a good uniform and food is a major problem for him. Sodiq is eager to learn and has improved since I became his teacher. Sodiq wants to become a medical doctor after he read a story of a boy just like him. I believe in his dreams and with the right opportunities he can fulfil this and take his family to a happy life.
064MariamFemale916-Oct-2011School BagShoe (size 37)Dress and Christmas accessoriesMariam is a responsible young girl. She is confident about a bright future despite her family background. She also exhibits leadership skills and is very respectful.
065OluwagbogoMale911-Jul-2011Food stuffs and ingredients to celebrate the festivityChristmas ShoeWrist watch and glasses I believe if he gets a visit from BLOOM Santa, this will help to reassure him that even with his experience that life can be hard and sometimes unfair, there are still people who are loving and show love to the less privilege.
066FeranmiMale823-Jan-2012FoodClothesShoeHe is an orphan
067DeborahFemale812-Dec-2012Christmas clothChristmas shoeChristmas cap and chain with lightsDeborah lost her mother some months back and its really affecting her. I choose the girl for a visit from BLOOM Santa is to put a smile on her face in order to forget all her sorrows this season.
068JoyFemale1028-Feb-2010School Bag And Food FlaskChristmas Shoes And ClothesUnderwearsOrphaned
069IsaacMale1304-Dec-2007Active English Grammar And Composition Book 6ClothesSchool bagOrphaned
070AbdulazeezMale613-Mar-2014ToysClothesSweets and CandyOrphaned
071RichardMale85-Aug-2012Bobo drinksJollof rice and chickenSoft drinksOrphaned
072BlessingFemale1219-Apr-2008Raw riceVegetable oilShoesShe is a paternal orphan. She satys with her mum who does menial jobs as well as petty trade.
073ComfortFemale1320-Feb-2007ClothesChristmas shoesFood itemsOrphaned
074EstherFemale1204-May-2008Food itemsChristmas clothesShoesEsther is a maternal orphan.
075DorothyFemale1015-Mar-2010A bag of riceVegetable oilChristmas clothes and shoesShe is a paternal orphan. She stays with her mum who is a cleaner.
076EstherFemale108-Jan-2010MoneyClothesRaw Rice and ChickenShe is a paternal orphan. She stays with her mum who is into petty trading
077PeterMale1120-Sep-2009BicycleFood for the FamilyMoneyHe is a paternal orphan who has three siblings. He lives with his mother who is a cleaner.
078GodwinMale1027-Mar-2010School BagBicycleFood ItensOrphaned
079DeborahFemale817-Sep-2012Raw rice and chickenVegetable oilDrinksThe child is an orphan. She lives with her grandmother and her sister.
080KehindeFemale86-Apr-2012Chirstmas HamperClothesFood StuffShe is a paternal orphan
081TaiwoFemale86-Apr-2012ClothesShoesFood StuffShe is a paternal orphan
082UsmanMale135-Jun-2007BicycleShoes and ClothesHe is a brilliant, and well adjusted child who wants to be a pilot in future.
083NaheemMale134-June-2007Christmas clothes and shoesFood items ( rice, Indomie noodles, milk, Golden morn etc)School materials ( books, pens, school bags etc)Neheem is a smart pupil who comes from low income home. His parents can barely provides for his needs because they have a large family. A visit by Santa will go a long way to motivate him to aim for greatness in the future.
084AinaMale1126-Jun-2009School Bag with Learning materialsNew School UniformA CapDespite her poor family background, loves education so much as evident in her request from BLOOM Santa. If chosen, this will not only make her happy for Christmas but will also have an impact in her learning and education.
085AssisatFemale77-June-2013School bagLunch BoxAssisat is an underprivileged child, but everyday she takes care of her younger brother, Joshua with so much love. I see the sacrifices she make to make him happy. For once I want her to feel loved too.
086TaiwoFemale82-Oct-2012ClothesSchoolbagShoppingTaiwo gives in her all while in class even though most days she comes without getting enough to eat at home.
087SundayMale917-Aug-2011V.R HeadsetCrystal Growing Science Experimental kitRemote Control CarSunday is a son of poor peasant farmers who dreams of becoming a scientist.
088AdaFemale915-Noc-2011Doctor kitBig Boggle board gameScratch Art Rainbow mini noteAda lives with her Great Grandmother. She combines education with the responsibility of caring for her aged Great Grandmother. She dreams of becoming a nurse in the future.
089ChimuanyaMale126-Nov-2008Wrist watchClothShoeHe lost his dad and he is left alone with his sisters. A good Samaritan took him in and caring for him.
090DavidMale629-Mar-20143 piece suit for ChristmasA bag of rice for the familySchool material like new uniforms and sandalHis mom left him under the care of his grand parents who have six children to take care of. This grand parent are working at a private school with salary less than minimum wage, and Corona virus's came and made matter worse for them. I hope you can make this Christmas a fun-filled one for him.
091AdeolaFemale911-June-2011A beautiful dressA shoeSchool bagHer mum is struggling with 4 kids with no husband. She takes care of her kids from the little income she makes from helping people cook. This child will be elated to have a Christmas gift.
092ModinatFemale921-Mar-2011Lunch boxCold water flaskCollection of story books.Modinat is an intelligent child who lives away from her mother, as such feels depressed most times.
093AlgoniMale1027-May-2010ShoesClothesOne of the enrolled kids in a back to school efforts for kids in slums that were demolished. They have no place to go.
094SemiloreMale828-Apr-2012ClothesShoesBoard gamesSame As Above
095BajiMale1027-Oct-2010ShoesClothesFood(Rice and Chicken)Same As Above
096AkarachiMale801-Oct-2012ClothesSchool materials [books, pencils, crayon, etc.]Christmas FoodSame As Above
097VictoriaFemale929-Sep-2011FoodShoesClothesSame As Above
098JammeMale1027-May-2010ShoesClothesSneakersSame As Above
099MiracleMale102-Apr-2010Christmas clothesShoesFashionable eye glassesSame As Above
100AondosoMale1212-Jun-2008ClothesShoesSame As Above
101ZaraFemale815-Aug-2012ShoesClothesSchool bag
102BanaFemale922-Jan-2011White sneakerClothesShoe [small size 36]Bana fled with the family from Chibok at the height of the Boko Haram insurgency. The family was resettled from the slum to a one-room apartment. With a mother still struggling to kick off new business to support the family, a BLOOM Santa's visit would be huge relief for her and a perfect speck of happiness for Bana.
103GloryFemale67-Mar-2014ClothShoesGlory escaped the throes of insurgency in Chibok with her family. In Lagos, things haven't been the same. She would be happy to celebrate a different Christmas
104Kehinde Male1218-Dec-2008ClothesFood itemsEducational resourcesHe lost his father few months ago. since then, his mother has been struggling to provide his basic needs.
105TaiwoMale1218-Dec-2008ClothesFood itemsEducational resourcesSame as Above
106AminatFemale1024-May-2010School BagFood ItemsChristmas clothesKoleoso Aminat is the second child out of four children being raised by a single mother. Aminat loves coming to school. However, she occasionally misses school as a result of her mother's inability to provide food for the family.
107JosephMale109-Sep-2010School BagA Christmas clothArt materialsJoseph is the third child out of five children. He comes from a very humble background. He has been nominated by his class mates as someone who exudes seven core values of the school. These values are honestly, hard work, collaboration, respect, empathy, integrity, and love.
108PreciousMale727-Nov-2013Food itemsChristmas clothCapital for my mother to start a businessPrecious is the last child of a single mother with 2 other kids. The mother recently lost her job during the covid-19 pandemic and now she struggles to fend for her three kids. Precious is hardworking and wishes to become a medical doctor someday in future just so he can help him mother.
109GoodnessFemale829-Dec-2012Food ItemsA keyboard/pianoChristmas clothGoodness is the first of two children. Her dad is a clergy and her mom a teacher. Her mom has been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and has to regularly undergo chemotherapy. The family has been spending a lot of money to ensure she receives the treatment required and the family's financial situation has dwindled as a result. Since the parents can no longer afford to send the children to a private school, they have both been moved to an underserved public primary school. The mom recently resigned from her job as her health continues to depreciate.
110OsemeFemale61-Mar-2014 Shoes Clothes Food Oseme is currently homeless but shows unparalleled enthusiasm for education.
111Happiness Female141-Dec-2006 She wants to Study and wants to go back to school Cloths for Christmas Happiness is supported by her single mom who is struggling to meet her needs hence her removal from school.
112Ayo Male141-Dec-2006 Shirt and trouser Shoes Single mom unable to support the child
113Alia Female108-Dec-2010 Dress Shoes Has a single parent struggling to provide.
114Mitchell Female141-Dec-2006 Cake Shirt and trouser ShoesSame as Above
115VictoryFemale121-Dec-2008 School bag Books Same as Above
116JoyFemale138-Dec-2007 Cloths Soft DrinksSchool BagSame as Above
117David Male141-Dec-2006 Watch Same as Above
118GloryFemale1318-Jan-2007 Dress Soft drinks Bag Same as Above
119Opemale138-Dec-2007 Football Watch Same as Above

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